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Buy, Sell, and Trade Pilot Gear & More
Located at Hanger 106, Lantana Airport, Florida (LNA)
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Sell your Nicely Cared for Aviation Items

If you're cleaning up your flight bag, or your entire hanger, we're interested. We'll buy one or one hundred items.

We're Looking For Clean Condition-

Headsets, hand held radios, nav/com's, training DVD's, foggles, panel mount components, GPS receivers, VOR heads, and much more. Send us your list HERE.

How do you value previously owned items?

Some people think you get what you're worth, other's feel you're worth what you get.

When buying and selling electronics and technology-based tools, the prices normally plummet as the quality of new, cheaper products soar. Some items will hold their value, such as training DVD's, while VHS training tapes have no perceived or real value in today's market.

If you have an older, off brand passive noise headset, understand it has much less value than what you've paid for it. Selling a shiny new David Clark ANR set? You'll be happy to know it's kept much of it's worth.

I ask that you email me a list of your items for sale, indicate if you'd sell it as a partial or compete package. Include model and item numbers, where applicable, approximage age, and condition (cosmetic and functional, please). I'll quickly get back to you with a fair offer.